Breg Knee Brace Reviews

Breg is a company that produces different kinds of knee braces.  Each brace has its own unique feature and it meant for a specific purpose.  It is, therefore, important to first determine the state of your knee before using a knee brace.  Medical consultation from a physician will help determine this.  An ideal Breg knee brace will then be recommended.  Hopefully this Breg knee brace review will help you make a desicion.

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The first kind is the Breg X2K OA Compact Functional Knee Brace.  This brace is directed to people with uni-compartmental osteoarthritis.  This arthritis affects one compartment of the knee joint.  This brace controls the valgus and the varus forces that cause this condition.  It has a bilateral hinge that is designed to reduce the rotation of the knee that may lead to further injury.  It also stabilizes the knee. The hinges can be adjusted according to the kind of support needed for lateral and medial knee compartments.

Another product is the Breg Fusion XT Ligament Knee Brace.  This brace is mostly worn during vigorous physical activities.  It gives support to knee ligaments that are mostly injured during these activities.  They are available for people across all ages.   It has a lightweight frame that is designed to resist impact that can injure the knees.  This makes it suitable for contact sports such as rugby.  This impact is resisted by a built-in 2024-tempered aluminum.  The brace is designed to give a comfortable fit allowing the knee to freely move while providing protection when an impact occurs.

There is a Breg X2K that is designed as a Compact Knee Brace.  This brace has both standard and adjustable hinges.  It has a low profile and is light in weight.  Therefore, it does not give additional strain to the knee joint.  It has a custom fit with a durable composite material which makes it a quality design.  The strap tabs are designed to allow quick release.  This knee brace is available either in black or metallic grey coating.

Breg Knee Brace Options

Find Breg Medical Braces at Shop Now!

Breg has also produced a Roadrunner Knee Brace that is specifically designed to cater for those with mild PCL and ACL injuries.  It is also suitable for lateral and medial knee problems.  This brace protects the ligaments during moderate or mild physical activities.  The brace has removable hinges and is made of a low profile fabric.  This fabric is also breathable providing comfort to the user during sports.

A Breg knee brace is carefully made to take care of different types of knee problems.  Whether you need a brace for protection or for an injured knee, you can find what you need from the different knee braces from Breg.

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